La Bufa Canyon Mexico by Don Burgess


Books by, for and about the Ralámuli of the Sierra Madre in Chihuahua, Mexico. 

  • 15+ books and articles available to download for FREE, including a Tarahumara/ Spanish phrasebook and the entire New   Testament in Ralámuli. The resources found on this website are intended for non-commercial scholarly research and educational use only.

  • Listen to books being read in Ralámuli (Tarahumara Baja).

  • Donate books to Tarahumara schools. Sponsor such books as Ganó: El Gigante de La Sierra (a traditional story about a giant) or Tewé Ralámuli Chibá Neseme (a goatherder’s story) to help children retain their language.

  • Introduce people in your community to the Tarahumara culture. Order a copy of Could you live like a Tarahumara? for your local library.

This listing is of books and articles by Don Burgess and colleagues.